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Any types welcome as I have a Section for each type. spells,cloths,places,vidios,pictures plus a damage calculator

lvl 50 Thaumaturge wizard101 ice house

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Hey guys test realm is out again, but only for subscribers and people who have bought crowns in the last month. Celestia is not in it yet but the bet derby is! Play mini games as your pet includes, Gobbler drop: catch the items the gobbler drops. Dance game: remember the key patterns and then copy. Cannon: Fire you pet towards the target. Maze game: a wizard101 version of pacman with lost souls and a race, race your pet against other players pets.

Whats new in the crown shop?

Well there is some pets and blue and pink dragons for permanent now! Also a really cool pair of wings: a black version of seraph wings. Plus really cool trident staff from Celestia!

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